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I’m curious where do you discover new music?

Posted in Band Business Tips, music with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , on March 2, 2011 by Master Jenn-Jenn

When I was younger I didn’t search out new music. I sort of went with the flow. After all I was child number eight out of ten so there was always choices around from cds, radio, vinyl, TV, and even eight tracks. These choices included a crazy mix of music from old school country and rock to heavy metal and pop to nursery rhymes and classical. In college, I started listening to more hip-hop and rap than before. What I vividly remember about those days were a mixed tape that was stuck in my car that played over and over again for months and helping or sometimes just watching a friend of mine lug her many CDS down to the radio station because they didn’t have what she liked to listen to at the station. Looking back I never had to find new music, it just appeared.

Shortly after college, we opened up a coffeehouse/music venue, The Drip, and suddenly new music appeared around every corner. Without lifting a finger bands sent me demos and press kits electronically and through snail mail. Every day I’d race to get the mail because without a doubt there would be a new CD just waiting to be heard. Some sent in singles, some albums, and others were compilations. We never played the radio at the coffeehouse, because we had a constant stream of free music. Plus there was a constant stream of musicians jamming out and giving me recommendations on who to book and who to listen to….How I miss those days!

“After the venue I was lost. I felt like Alice leaving wonderland. I knew all of this amazing music was out there, but it’s exhausting trying to find that music, because there’s some crap out there as well. For a while I felt like I was wandering in a desert, unable to find the oasis. What made it worse was knowing that the oasis was out there. It gave me hope and the desire to keep searching though often I felt like I was dying of thirst. I also had some amazing friends that would wet my appetite with demos here and there. You kept me from dehydrating! I tried the usual sites: MySpace,, iLike, iTunes, Pandora, etc, etc…..but seriously that’s a lot of effort.”

Then one day I stumbled across what I believe was the holy grail, Paste Magazine. Holy Hell! I loved this magazine. Now I realize it is still there, but it hasn’t been the same since they stopped with the subscriptions service and the music downloads. Don’t get me wrong, I love their magazine still, but reading about new music is nothing like experiencing it.

During my heyday with Paste, we’d have Paste magazine listening parties every few months where I’d finally download all of my free downloads which typically included a compilation CD, an artists album, and a few singles. Then we’d spend the night just listening to them. Some stuck and some didn’t, but it was easy and refreshing. Download and listen. I didn’t have to hit next. I didn’t have to wait for another page to load. Or even worse for a video to buffer. I didn’t have to read someone try to describe music trying to capture the essence of the music in another art form. Instead it was all about the music. I don’t care how well you review someone’s music there just isn’t anything like experiencing the music itself. When we couldn’t have our listening parties I’d download the songs into a play list and get lost in the music on the road. It was all about the music. I found some of my favorite artists on Paste…..

Since then I’ve been on a mission to find other services. Under the Radar is good. I like that they’ve went to a download version rather than the CD. I’m personally not a fan of streaming radio, but I do try it out every so often. I’ve tried some of the social sites and new mind mapping sites, but I get pretty annoyed when I type in an artist I really like and then get told to listen to Lady Gaga. Really? I don’t care that others love her, but she’s just not for me. I lose faith in a site as soon as that recommendation hits! For me it’s come down to live shows of artists I already like and music festival, but I’m curious what else is out there?

In conclusion: ┬áIt makes me wonder why more bands aren’t using each other. Pulling some of the bands they’ve hit the road with or that they know and pushing out a compilation to all of their mailing lists. Expanding their fan list while giving their fans a treat…..