Lose the Encore

Nothing shouts divas like an encore.   Last night I saw Rev Theory for the fourth or fifth time.  I love this band live.  The energy they bring to the crowd is incredible.   Last night they took a crowd that was lackluster for previous bands and turned them (myself included) into raving lunatics.  Hell yeah live is unbelievable.  With that said, I was disappointed by the bands set list and the addition of a very planned and unoriginal encore.

Seriously, the encore lost it’s appeal and it’s shock value decades ago.  It’s about as original as karaoke.  Nothing makes this point more than Rev Theory’s posted set list.  On each side of the stage were set lists that could be read easily by those of us in the first two rows.  The set list contained the first ten songs, a huge bold line and Justice their new single.  Song ten was Hell Yeah.  Man let me tell you in a very sarcastic voice how shocked we were when after playing Hell Yeah the band walked ff the stage…shocker.   I mean really a bands going to walk off without playing their biggest hit or newest single?  I think not.  I had laugh because the cheers to bring them back were nothing like what they were for Hell Yeah.  Really why bother.  You know their coming back.

It just shouts divas and a serious lack of creativity.  I expect and crave more from Rev Theory.  They are an amazing band.  They rock the fuck out of the crowd, but to end so lame?  Come on.  It’s not like I didn’t want them to come back out, its that I didn’t want them to pretend leave, to make the crowd beg for something they know they are getting and that in truth they fucking deserve.  Now do I have the answer for how to end every show?  Naw cause then it would become as lame as encores have…each band must figure out their own way.   A way that is true to there fans, that’s true to their personalities, and true to their music. And it’s probably not one way but an array of ways so that once again the ending isn’t as stale and overplayed as an encore.


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